Rising privacy concern in smart technology

Rising privacy concern in smart technology

In smart technology, the data is analyzed using self-monitoring technology also known as artificial intelligence to provide cognitive awareness to the products digital signage face recognition. Smart tech has come a long way due to innovation and development. The world-wide pandemic has increased the demand of smart technology more than ever. With the help of smart technology users can have access to their home security anywhere and anytime using the designated applications in their mobiles, laptops and PCs. According to many studies, smart security provides better privacy in home. 

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People are no more confined to walls. They can interact with each other using smart technology. This saves their time and effort which can be utilized in other productive works. Learning experience for children has been enhanced. With the help of smart technology, the presentation has vastly improved. 

From the past few years, both private and public schools have invested more in smart technology. Paper waste have been reduced and “Go Green” concept have been embraced. Students don’t need to cram for their exams they can simply present with the help of graphs to show their understanding regarding a topic. Smart technology is a boom to all sectors sector. Solar energy in building like educational institutions should be installed to take advantage of sustainable energy source. Government is emphasizing more on energy saving in building. Smart solar systems are the need of the hour. These solar systems are programmed with latest smart technology that enables the users to know about the energy usage and conserve the energy. 

Viewpoint: Security and Privacy Concerns, Shen Milsom & Wilke

One of the main threats of smart technology is privacy violation. Smart technology is no free of threats and malicious viruses. Many hackers hack the main connected router of the users to get the private data of the users. Many big corporations use cloud-based services to collect and store the data. But is it guaranteed that the information in cloud services will secured and won’t be sold to another party? Unfortunately, no big tech firm is ready to answer the privacy and security related questions of the users. When you use smart technology, you are risking the private conversations of your family and confidential information of offices. Every smart technology has its own security concerns. With lower costs, automated software and digital assistants, these technologies invite unauthorized hackers. 

Privacy of users should be admired and assured. Proper steps should be taken by big tech firms and by users. Tech firms can start by strengthening their security software even if it increases the operating cost. Many users in market are willing to buy low-cost smart technology even if they have security concerns. This shouldn’t be encouraged. Advertisers and tech companies should educate the users about the potential danger and steps to cope up with them. Many experts around the globe advise users to cover their microphone and video cameras when not in use. These small steps will take users towards security and smart privacy. 

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