Chinese Prayer Wheels: A Beautiful
Commemorative Gift

Chinese Prayer Wheels: A Beautiful
Commemorative Gift

Chinese praying materials may range from grass, bamboo, moss and reed. Joss is one of the
two main types of Chinese prayer wheels used today. Joss is also known as agarwood in the
Chinese language. Joss is often used for incense 拜神料, a type of aromatic plant, and for warding off
evil spirits and evil energies. Joss Stick prayer wheels were traditionally made from bamboo, but
now they are available made from wood, plastic, jute and even metal.
Joss prayer wheels are made of sticks, which are circular and about an inch in diameter. They
are sometimes painted with special designs to enhance their purpose. Joss is held flat and it is
lit with a wick, which is typically made of animal hair. Joss is a very popular incense and
shamanic tool.

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Joss Sticks are made from reeds, which are dried and can be burned for energy and for curing
illness. The reeds are twisted together to form a shape that is unique to each joss stick, and it is
this “shape” that makes them so valuable as Chinese prayer wheels. Each joss stick has a
unique name. Some sticks are called “right eye”, some “left eye” and some are “head eye”.
Each of the Chinese praying wheels has its own purpose, as well as a very unique form. The two
main types of wang symbolize luck and fortune. A red joss stick symbolizes prosperity and love
while a blue joss stick symbolizes harmony and serenity. Some wangs may also be decorated
with motifs.
Each of the characters on a wing can have multiple meanings, depending on the area where the
wing is used. These characters are commonly drawn in Chinese calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy
is the art of handwriting these symbols. Most of the wangs that are found in the Buddhist religion
are hand painted and so are completely unique. It is very difficult to obtain authentic joss sticks
in this day and age.
Chinese prayer wheels were traditionally made from materials such as ivory and bamboo. Today
these prayer wheels are made from ceramic, porcelain, metal and other materials. Prayer
wheels made from metal are usually a solid metal rod encased in clay. Ceramic prayer wheels
are made from two bowls that are filled with water.
Many Chinese people believe that wearing joss sticks in your ears will bring good luck and
fortune to you. Wearing joss sticks also brings the same luck and fortune to the person wearing
them. They are also believed to help relieve stress and help one relax. These wands are usually
held in one hand and when a person wishes upon the wheel they say the phrase aloud while
their joss stick holds the other hand.

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In some cases, these wheels are used with other materials. Chinese prayer wheels used in
meditation and yoga are made from materials such as bamboo. Wooden wheels used for
chanting are covered in flowers or other colors. There are Chinese wheels available in many
sizes and are made in various materials. Chinese prayer wheels are not only used in Chinese
culture. They are used all over the world to worship the God of your choice.
Chinese prayer wheels were originally constructed using wood. Wooden wangs are held in the

hands and are used in the same manner as wands. Today, these wang products are available
on the Internet and are custom cut according to the specifications of the customer. Customized
prayer wheels are a wonderful way to honor any spiritual tradition.
Chinese prayer wheels are made of three main materials. The first two are solid wood wang and
clay. Each of these materials can be dyed to add color to the product. Wongs can be solid or
carved and are often seen as being quite expensive. Clay wangs are less expensive but still can
be found at stores locally. Clay can also be used in other Chinese-inspired products.
The final material is porcelain. Porcelain wheels are most commonly used for decorations. They
can come in the same colors as the wang materials but have a more elegant, decorative
appearance. Porcelain is often used in Feng Shui products because it has a reflective quality
that helps bring good luck into your life. Porcelain also has the ability to last for years without
fading or breaking down.
Chinese prayer wheels are a beautiful way to show your love and respect for another culture.
These amazing products are usually hand painted with special patterns and images. These
wheels are very detailed and most people who buy them have their own artist or tattoo artist to
sign their names on them. These wheels make a great gift for someone who already has a name
or design on it. Chinese prayer wheels are also sometimes used to symbolize one’s arrival into a
new era.

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